Fatheringautism drama

Fatheringautism drama

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New to Tattle Life? Order Thread by Most Liked Posts. A thread to discuss this channel, requested by Catseverywhere Can be found on Youtube, Facebook and Insta. Their YT channel has seen a massive upturn in recent months according to Social Blade. Catseverywhere Well-known member. Thank you! So this family has over k subs, and their daughter Abbie is 14 and non-verbal autistic.You're right, Asa.

FatheringAutism net worth, income and Youtube channel estimated earnings, FatheringAutism income. Family vlog channel which gives an inside look of raising a child with autism spectrum. We are the Maass' and we are YouTubers and autism advocates.

House Exterior Makeover at night FatheringAutism. There were 5 of us. FatheringAutism 18 minutes ago Glinda Briggs We won 4 tickets. This is our autism family vlog. Grid View List View. A large Family vlogger channel "FatheringAut! Because some people get confused, I titled my video "An Autistic's Thoughts on Fathering Autism" to help random people who don't know me know that I am autis.

I completely agree. But was this her place?. Related Pages See All. He'll pretend he cares about her and her child only as far as it gets him more sympathy. Directed by Florian Zeller. Platform: YouTube. Our goal is to increase awareness, acceptance, and make the world a softer place to land for our daughter and.

View the daily YouTube analytics of FatheringAutism and track progress charts, view future predictions, related channels, and track realtime live sub counts. Lipstick Mama. FatheringAutism video statistics, Youtube videos statistics. Watch fatheringautism live! Come hang out with us LIVE once a week! YouNow is the best way to broadcast live and get an audience to watch you. Here are the facts as we know them: Asa has another child.

A number of people suspec. Launched: I just want to say thank you for even clicking the link that brought you here and for your interest in joining this small group of amazing people that support what we do and the dreams we have for the. Cancel culture does suck. Very well said. Bad Start To The Day. Shop recommended products from Fathering Autism on Amazon.

A faithful man is called to fatherhood in seemingly irreconcilable ways. It totally sounds like. I wonder if he realizes that there is possibly people in the medical field watching these vlogs. The YouTube channel earnedsubscribers. Glinda Briggs 27 minutes ago FatheringAutism You did not win tickets though, you told a little tale for some odd reason.

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FatheringAutism Youtuber overview, Youtube statistics, fathering autism, autism spectrum disorder, DIY sensory toys, autism vlog, fathering autism, special needs. Abbie has severe developmental delay presenting autism traits.Style by Arty - phpBB 3. Privacy Terms. Quick links. Logout Register. Ad blocker detected: Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. The family is comprised of a married middle aged couple and their two children, Isaiah and Abigail.

Their daughter has autism and she is non-verbal. So they're not your typical vlogging family and they vlog about real life stuff. I think a few of us here would enjoy that portion of their vlogs, so thought I'd share it.

I'll check them out. What stuck out to me was when the dad was responding to criticisms about ABA therapy, he stated that he doesn't do this to make Abby "easier to handle" because he'll "take care of this girl until the day I die". He said it with such love and commitment, I teared up! It must be a truly challenging situation to have a child with autism but I think they are handling it beautifully.

I think it's great they are making it educational as well since many youtubers like to sweep this under the rug or make it out to be such a negative thing and bringing a lot of important issues to light. I'm sure there are lots of families who benefit greatly from his channel. I recently found their vlogs and I'm so glad I did.

What Did You Say?

One video thumbnail showed the autistic and apparently non verbal, according to you guys girl sitting on the toilet with a title about potty training. No way in hell can i support someone who would put their special needs child out there like that. Potty training vids like that plus with her being an older child are just looking for creeper click bait. With that girl being severely autistic to the point where she is non verbal, there is no way she is able to give consent for that.

He might "take care of her until the day he dies" like someone else said, but he doesn't care that he's exploiting his special needs daughter for every creep with a fetish on the internet.


Disgusting, they should be ashamed. That video with the thumbnail of their daughter on the toilet came up as a recommended video for me yesterday. I was shocked - as playsinrain said, it seemed like they were aiming it at creepy people.

I can't imagine how someone could use their own daughter in this way - it's gross. Also, I'm not a special needs mom, my understanding of parenting an autistic child is slim to none, and i know behavioral problems are common with autistic children, BUT.

Maybe they are just tying to show real life and not sugar coat it, but it seems very exploitative towards their daughter. Just with a quick skim through the number of titles that put her in a negative light She Bit His Face!

Meltdown in Public! And like i said i'm not one to act like i know what it's like to deal with a child like her, but i can't see myself making my daughter look like a holy terror every single day pretty much just bc she was born with different abilities than the normal child.

How about highlighting the GOOD in every day instead of only showing the difficult parts? However, I am a teacher and do occasionally watch videos that would be about teaching students with special educational needs.

She never even pulls her pants down! The dad has her practice going through the steps of pottying without actually doing it so he can show how they used ABA therapy to teach her step by step how to do it. He explains beforehand they aren't actually going to be showing her potty and then she literally sits down with her pants on and the dad explains to her that he knows this is kind of confusing but they are just practicing.

Theirs nothing creepy or strange about it at all. No different than her sitting on a chair. A majority of the video is about using an amazon echo to set potty reminders and hand washing.Forums New posts Trending Search forums. Latest Gossip. Wiki Pages Latest activity. Log in Register.

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fatheringautism drama

First Prev 50 of 52 Go to page. Order Thread by Most Liked Posts. Mindyabusiness Member. P is forever on her dang phone! I cannot stand being around anyone who does that. It wouldn't serve DD well to sponsor a bunch of obese people!! Looking at P and Lauren is jeans They look painful. SolsticeQueen Member. First post, but I have been following you all since the first thread. The Things. Kermy VIP Member. Sam-I-Am said:.

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She is definitely gaining the weight back and it is coming on quick. She was so much skinner before the holidays The first place to look is the face and her face is starting to blow back up. A, put the camera away and help your wife!!! P, you should never be picking up a cellphone, if you are behind the wheel. It is common sense!! Marni G 8 hours ago Do you guys pay summer and becca to go with you on the trip as respite for abby? Glinda Briggs 27 minutes ago FatheringAutism You did not win tickets though, you told a little tale for some odd reason.

FatheringAutism 18 minutes ago Glinda Briggs We won 4 tickets. There were 5 of us.For a tiny minority of competitions, promoters ask people to return to the site to see if they've won. This will be in the terms and conditions.

Fathering Autism

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Fathering Autism #3 3 Kids, 2 Daily Dunkins, 1 Huge Exploitation

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Fathering Autism

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fatheringautism drama

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